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Online Company Registration

By Tuesday, 05-March-2019


                       A name which falls within the categories mentioned below will be considered undesirable and will not generally be made available.

Indicative of the business in certain cases.

                  If the name is not in   consonance with the principal objects of the company as set out in its memorandum of association. This does not necessarily mean that every name should be indicative of business in the name, and then it should be in conformity with its object. The company‘s main business is finance the name should be indicate of the particular finance activities. online Company Registration.

Offensive to any section of people

              The name should not be offensive to any section of the people also names which appears confusing with any political or religious are to be considered undesirable.

 A name which is a Hindi translation

             If the proposed name is the Hindi translation of the name of an existing company un-English, this is not allowed.

 General name not allowed

            If the name is only a general one like  cotton textile mills ltd .or silk manufacture  ltd ,it cannot be allowed  .but if such general description  contains some specific aspect like calculate  cotton textile mills ltd. or Laksmi silk manufacturing  company ltd, that may be allowed online Company Registration.

Phonetic resemblance

           If   the proposed name has a close phonetic resemblance to the name of a company in existence, for examples J.K. Industries Ltd. And Jay Kay Industries Ltd., the latter name will not be allowed online Company Registration

Inclusion of word ‘co-operative’ not allowed

        If the name includes “Co-operative”, “Shari” or the equivalent in regional language, that will not be allowed.

Name should not correspond to national emblems

         The proposed name shall not attract the provisions of the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 online Company Registration.