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Private Limited Company Registration

By Saturday, 09-March-2019


If a proposed name implies association or connection with or patronage of a national hero or any person held in high esteem or importance  Limited Company Registration Coimbatore

 Close resemblance to important or abbreviated name of reputed companies

Names which closely resemble the popular or abbreviated description of important companies like Tics (Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited), H.M.T (Hindustan Machine Tools), I.C.I. (imperial chemical industries ) Texaco  (textile machinery corporation )Waco(western Indian match company )etc ;are not allowed .in some case the first word or the first few words  or  the first view words may be the key words and care should be taken that they are not exploited .such words are not allowed even though they have not been registered as trademarks Limited Company Registration Coimbatore

Abbreviated name for changes of name 

The department vide circular no has stated that the abbreviated name will be considered only in case of changes of name (of any existing company) under section 21 with the  prior approval of the regional director concerned (changes to resisters of companies ) and should not be allowed for adoption of new companies Limited Company Registration Coimbatore.

A name with a place as a part

Where there is an existing company ,some name with in inclusion of a place in brackets for a company cannot be proposed as for examples the name Indian  press as for example the Indian press (Delhi )limited cannot be allowed in view of the existence of the company with name Indian press limited .however  , there are exception to this rules in the case of subsidiaries and also companies with local business .for example , corner  garage (Delhi)private limited  may be allowed notwithstanding that there  is an existing companies corner garage private limited at Calcutta. So would be regent cinema limited at madras if there is a company by allowed if they are in the name regent cinema (Delhi) limited. Such name may also be allowed if they are in the same group of management after obtaining no objection from the existing company Private Limited Company Registration Coimbatore